Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge for design services?

I have different pricing structures tailored to fit the needs of each client and the specific project scope. Please contact me to discuss your project so that we can determine the applicable contract type, billing rate and minimum.

Do you offer advice without design services?

For those who just need some guidance, I offer a prepaid two-hour consultation where we will review your design dilemmas and come up with solutions that you can then implement on your own. Please contact me so that we can discuss your project to determine if this consultation will fit your needs.

How do you get started with clients?

Every new project begins with a project needs analysis where we meet at your home or project site to determine the scope of the project and how we will work together.

What is your design aesthetic?

My aesthetic for your project is your style. I pride myself in my ability to connect with my clients to identify their personal style and create a space that is unique to them. This versatility can be seen in the variety of design styles showcased in my portfolio (link portfolio page).

Why do I need to have a set budget?

A project is a puzzle comprised of many pieces, I must know your budget to ensure that everything is accomplished within the amount you have set aside to invest in your home, and to provide you with the most value for that investment.

Why should I let my designer handle the sourcing of all materials, furnishings and fixtures?

There are two important reasons that you should allow your designer to handle all of the sourcing for your project.

  1. It is my job to stay current on the properties of the materials, finishes and fabrics as well as the construction, quality and price points of the products that I specify. I use all of this knowledge to save my clients time and money.
  2. Every selection made as part of a complete design is chosen to coordinate with every other piece of the overall design. Let me make the selections to ensure that everything works together to create a design that you will love.
Why should I let my designer handle all of the purchasing?

I have built up relationships with my vendors, I am able to get you a great price for the quality. I also work with these vendors, their freight lines and my receiving warehouse to schedule all shipments, handle any damages and coordinate the timing of all deliveries to save you time and spare you the stress.

How long does it take to get custom furniture and window treatments?

Most custom products typically take 8-12 weeks to arrive from the time of order, but can take more or less time depending on many factors. It is worth the wait though because custom furnishings are the best way to express your personal style and create a design that is unique to your home.

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